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    Publishing file - Problem with content




      I'm pretty sure there have been many many questions relating to issues with the free version of pageflip v2.25, and I have another to add to it.


      I have edited the pageflip script and file to suit what I need to do and my issue is not related to the usual addition of pages or content etc... but is to do with publishing the file.


      I have increased the sizes of the page from what they are in the original file and this is where the issue lies because when I come to publish the file as an exe the content no longer seems to fit the window when published and you have to expand the viewer. The instructions for quite a lot of the pageflip is there and pretty easy to decipher however outputting/publishing the file seems to be unclear.


      Can somone please point me in the right direction for resizing the stage or changing the settings so that the published file shows all the content without the need to resize the window?


      I could maybe attach the code or send someone the code if it'll help. Maybe someone can help me add a little bit of script to the end of the code which will help give me what I need.


      Many thanks in advance,


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Actually, I can't recall many (actually any) questions regarding a specific version of some pageflip software -- free or otherwise -- and I've been here pretty much daily for few years now.  So if you have questions about it, you might find better info in whatever site makes it available.  More often the questions in any of the forums regarding pageflip designs are along the lines of "how do I make my own" or "where can I find a free one", which usually ends with a suggestion to search Google.


          Even if you could attach a file, not everyone is willing/able to download/open them.  Being an Actionscript forum, the usual response it to recommend incluing code in a posting, but if this is a publishing issue, code may not be not involved with the issue.