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    "De-Suckify" EFX

    permanentrecordstudios Level 1

      Since Adobe is obviously moving Audition away from the true studio professionals and more towards the one-size-fits-all crowd, why not add a "de-suckify" effect?  The principal is simple - it'll take any poorly tracked audio clip, bad vocal performance, poorly-played musical composition, etc. and automatically "de-suckify" it, in some generic fashion.

      Seems like Audition is heading that way with the lack of essential professional tools like MIDI and ReWire, file save-as options, CD burning, and with the addition of silly, amateurish effects such as the "volume matching" (try mastering a complex CD with that worthless piece-o-junk effect) and "vocal enhancer" (wtf?).


      Not only am I sticking with Cubase or Acid Pro or AA3, but I'm also sticking with Sony Vegas and not buying Premiere Pro thanks to my disappointment of AA  CS5.5..


      Caveat emptor!