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    Test touch events in SWF file?

    Ambari Level 1

      I'm sure this is one of those "Oh, press this button in Preferences" type of questions, but I have googled to no avail which makes me think I'm either missing something so simple no one has even bothered saying it or I'm asking the wrong question.


      I am trying to write a simple program, just to practice, that will use touch events for an iPad. I don't have a developer account and so am testing the app on my computer. However, it does nothing. Clicking the mouse on the movie clip does nothing. I even copy and pasted someone else's code so that I was sure it wasn't because I got my syntax wrong. Nothing. Is there a way to test touch events on a computer, or do I have to compile the app and send it to an iPad everytime I want to test the app? Is there no AIR simulator that will simulate touch events using a mouse, as there is with XCode?