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    BUG: “Access denied” across NTFS reparse point.

      • Version: Adobe Reader X v10.0.1
      • Platform: Windows x64 (NTFS filesystem)


      When opening a PDF file accessed through a directory junction, Adobe Reader gives the following error: “There was an error opening this document. Access denied.”


      Have not tested to see if the error occurs across other types of NTFS reparse points (e.g., volume mounts).  Have not tested with filemon, etc. to see what actual system activity is.  Perhaps I would do such things if Adobe pays me a consulting fee to debug their software.


      This problem did not exist in Adobe Reader 9; an off-hand hunch is that it has something to do with Protected Mode.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a junction pointing to a directory containing a PDF file.  On Vista+, use mklink /j; on earlier systems, download the sysinternals.com junction.exe program.
      2. Open explorer.  Navigate to the PDF file using the junction directory (not the directory where the file is actually located).
      3. Double-click on PDF file.
      • Expected behavior: PDF file opens.
      • Actual behavior: See above.
      • Other information:  Searching this forum for each of “reparse” and “junction” returned 0 results.


      P.S.—I suggest to Adobe that it make an easily-accessible way to report bugs without jumping through registration hoops.  I am not interested in “community”; I am interested in reporting a bug so that Adobe can fix something broken in their software.  This forum posting account was registered using a throwaway address which directs to a publicly accessible place, using an easily-guessable password; any further posts under this username may or may not be by me.