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      I have a combobox that is filled in from a remote object. This works fine. I have a grid that the combobox fillters. This works ok. What my problem is that when I return the combobox to the prompt.label="Select Rep" The data in the grid once filtered does not go back to the original data. My data in the combobox is like this:

      So its like this: The S10 is the manager a few hundred accounts are loaded into the grid, I have a SalesMan field that the combo filters on, but the S10 is not in that field so when I set the compbox back to the start "Sales Rep" It clears the grid because there is no match for the S10. How can I have the prompt be 0 or 1 or null? I have this:

      public function doPrompt (event:Result):void {
      newReps = Reps.Reps.lastResult;
      var prompt:Object=new Object();
      prompt.data = null;
      prompt.label="Select Rep";
      repfilter.selectedIndex = -1;

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          Hmm...if I'm understanding what you're trying to do it sounds as though you're trying to add a value/data to accompany your "label" of "Sales Rep" in your combo box.

          I don't think I quite understand but is it the combobox starts with a label of Sales Rep, with no accompaning data value and your datagrid is set to return all rows at that point. When you select one of the values...the grid sorts accordingly. However if you select the label "Sales Rep" in the combobox....the grid goes blank, when it should return all rows again. Let me know if I'm understanding correctly.

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            Thanks, You are exactally on target. I did figure it out. In a filter function I added the "Select Rep" and went after the label.