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    Alternative to Adobe Digital Ed


      Is there a working version of Adobe Digital Edition or an alternative?  Some  of the books in my library work fine,others may show the work error in the far  right column but there is no explanation.  I have books which were uploaded to my ColorNook via ADE but now don't work in ADE but work on my ColorNook.  If this is the best Adobe can do, why would I spend  money on their other products?

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          ithinkdreisjunk Level 1

          I agree with your post and share your frustration.  I think the problem is that you're stuck with whatever digital rights management scheme the publisher chooses, which is kind of a dumb model.   It's unclear whether publishers use multiple digital rights management schemes.  Perhaps those of us who are fed up with ADE should voice our opinions to publishers, who may listen because it affects their bottom lines. 


          I think there is a small Scottish company that does digital rights management in a way that sounds reasonable.  Maybe they can offer something that works better.  Hey, maybe Google can do this.  They do everything else ;-).


          Better still, someone can write a specification of how digital rights management programs should behave, to put the horse before the cart.

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            This is still a young field, and everyone's product is still developing.  I

            would guess that your problems don't have to do with ADE itself, but with

            the way ebooks have been transfered, the digital rights assigned to them, or

            the files themselves.


            ADE and the Nook/Nook color are the subject of several threads in the

            Forum.  I don't have one, but it would make sense that setting up the Nook

            has to be done very carefully.  I have seen a couple of posts that show how

            to get the Nook to work that tell you to manipulate data on the Nook using

            your system's utilities, not ADE.


            Ebooks are a different subject.  ADE supports only a couple of formats.  The

            ones that work well are .epub and .pdf - both are formats that Adobe helped

            develop.  There are some issues with certain .pdf characteristics, such as

            named pages and native annotations, and certain other anomalies (JPEG 2000

            pictures).  Also, ebook publishers can specify how the ebook is managed by

            anyone's software (it's part of the conventions established to conform to

            the Digital Millenium Copyright Act), and that can cause differences in what

            you can do with an ebook.


            ADE itself has some quirks.  Sometimes, if you are downloading an ebook, and

            you choose 'OPEN' during the process, rather than 'SAVE', the ebook will

            transfer to ADE in the Reading panel, not the Library panel.  You can still

            download the ebook to your Nook while the Reading panel is open, though.

            When it's on the Nook, it might not appear in ADE's Library view.  It's

            caught me off-guard several times.


            There are ways to 'fix' some of these problems so that ADE and your Nook are

            showing the same thing.  What you can't get around, though, are the digital

            rights assigned to the ebook itself.


            I hope this is helpful background.  If you want more, lemme know, and I'll

            give you what processes I have for specific issues.  Putting them in this

            post would make it unmanageable.



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              shazamd Level 1

              Yes, I think my frustration is the lack of documentation on the product itself coupled with Adobe's unwillingness to respond to specific questions.  Wishful thinking would give it some directory structure documentation so that those of us who are experienced can do some of our own fixes or cleanup.  The uninstall/reinstall often gets to be a useless exercise in futility.

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                RE: uninstalling.  I've learned that you can 'uninstall' ADE on both or

                either your computer or your ebook reader.  If you uninstall it on your

                computer (Windows PC), you have to empty the TRASH folder before

                reinstalling because ADE's installation routine will reactivate some of the

                files on your hard drive if they are there.  If you uninstall it on your

                ereader, you can clear up some of the issues concerning authorisations.



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                  The problem is that my library does not use bluefire but ADE and one cannot download ebooks from library directly to an ipod/iphone. They have to be downloaded to a computer with ADE first and then to a device... since ipod is not supported by ADE I'm fxxxqqqyz:/

                  Any ideas how to move the content between?

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                    It seems that everybody is ******** about the current state of DRM, and the virtual stranglehold Adobe has on the field. With their monopoly, they have no incentive to improve the functionality of ADE. So it is up to us users. Why not crowd source a class action suit, potentially all the way up to the supreme court to break the ADE monopoly. Where are the civil right activists?