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    How do I cancel my Adobe Digital Editions Forum Account?


      Looking around, I see no way to cancel, purge, delete, crush, mutilate, bend, fold, tear, or otherwise get rid of my ADE forum account.


      I know there's a button somewhere, or does Adobe forbid it?  The ADE version of Huis Clos?  Or perhaps:


      ESTRAGON:  Nothing to be done.


      VLADIMIR:  Give up, you made an account.


      ESTRAGON:  I had wanted to remove it.


      VLADIMIR:  Ah, but you must not.  It is hidden.


      ESTRAGON:  What is hidden?


      VLADIMIR:  It!  It is not a bug, but a feature.


      ESTRAGON:  Perhaps if I pay $30 for a support call?


      VLADIMIR:  It is not a bug, but a feature.

        . . .