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    wmv and how to replace clip

    getho Level 1

      so I've done my edit, including a section with loads of time ramping, and decided the footage could do with a clean.  I've got this app called vreveal which does cuda cleaning - its very quick and convenient and IMHO does a better job than premiere.   BUT it only outputs wmv, uncrompressed avi or mjpeg avi (or h264 but is VERY slow).


      2 things - is there a way to get wmv to work in premiere - it does play but it is very slow to start and freaks out with even a fade to black.

      Is there a way to replace clip at the correct in-point?  I've tried setting the in point in the source monitor but wont work.



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          getho Level 1

          i've tried creatig a subclip from the correct in point, but the subclip created has completely the wrong starting point.  Whats the story with that?

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            vReveal does not do CUDA cleaning, it stabilizes footage with the help of CUDA. Premiere does not have a stabilizer on board. AE does (the new Warp Stabilizer is awesome) or when having the suite: Mocha.

            You first do the stabilizing and then the timeremapping.

            Best is to use the uncompressed avi.

            Import stabilized clip into Premiere.

            Right click on the not stabilized clip and Replace With Clip From Bin.

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              getho Level 1

              vreveal does clean footage, I called it "cuda cleaning" be cause I supposed everyone would know what I meant and was quicker than "cleaning footage with the help of CUDA".  It has a fill light option, noise reduction, sharpening and noise grain generation.  On 720p stuff it does all of that in about half realtime.


              ANyhoo, yes I tried replace with clip from bin and it totally failed to work - it would import the clip from its start, not from the edit point.  And when I tried to slide it into place it also moved all time ramping points.