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    $1600 budget to build a cs5.5 (edit all formats) computer-Please HELP

    Steve from NY Level 1

      I have aprox $1600 to build a REALLY FAST PC, includes case, power supply, drives, mobo, proc, video card & mem:

      • I will be editing every possible format
      • Output to DVD & Bluray & Web
      • Windows 7, 64 bit already purchased
      • PP 5.5 master collection purchsed
      • PP & Encore would be my main programs, some AFX & PS
      • Not interested in overclocking because I dont know how to do it


      **What Videocard, pros & mobo & how much mem would you guys recommend?

      ** Do I need a seperate raid controller, what would you recommend?

      **How many HD's & how would you raid them. My past systems have have:

           (1)- 10,000 rpm sys drive

           (2)- 7200 rpm sata drives raid 0 windows software raid

           (1)- Dump drive to manually backup

      I have been very happy with this setup but I'm finding my system isnt fast enough to keep up with todays formats


      Great forum,

      Steve from NY