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    In-House Adobe Update Server not responding


      Hello there,


      Currently setting up an inhouse Adobe CS5 update server.


      I executed the UpdateServerSetupToolCS5 as described in the manual.


      sudo ./UpdateServerSetupToolCS5 --root="/Volumes/Data/adobeupd"


      After this command the update server setup tool made the necessary folder structures and started copying the updates from adobe.


      However after the setup was done, I couldn't connect to the update server. As described in the manual I tried to connect to it using a webbrowser, but no luck.

      There is an apache web server running on my server, Apple SUS is using it aswell, it works on the same principal and this one is working like a charm.


      Could anyone please help me troubleshoot this problem?


      (I also made the config file for the clients and put them in proper directory.)


      Thanks in advance!!!



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          Madmin_OSX Level 1

          OK, I've setup the HTTP server and pointed it to the root folder.


          I can now surf to the http://myserver.child.domain.net:80/webfeed/oobe/aam10/mac/updaterfeed.xml




          When I open this XML in a browser it gives me an error along the lines of "invalid at top of document" and it doesn't display any contents.

          I've opened the file in textedit, and that works, I can see a list of updates. (just doesn't seem to be formatted in proper xml syntax)


          Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 12.37.55.png


          Is this an issue or is this supposed to be like this?


          With the new Overrides file I generated and placed in the client, now the Adobe Updater connects to my server, but it reports back that my "Software is up-to-date". Allthought the Install I've done is a clean one of the install DVD and ther are numerous updates (for example Dreamweaver 11.0.4, and mine is only 11.0).


          Any help PLEASE, this is proving to be a process of one step forward and two steps back...




          It's probably something in the web server but the documentation on this is really poor.

          Especially for apache, there is some for IIS but not really the most clear one either.


          IF I figure it out completely I'll share.


          Thanks in advance,






          This is what my web server logs when attempting to update from a client.

          (ignore the ip address entries, that's me trying to view XML in browser)


          Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 12.37.06.png

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            After the previous post, I did the AdobeUpdateServerSetupTool.app --root="<root> again and chose option 2.

            It downloaded some modified XML files, and now the clients do see the updates.




            When I want to install the updates I get following error:


            Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 13.45.34.png

            It says "There was an error downloading this updat. Please quit and try again later"

            I tried this again, and monitored the network throughput because the download bar did progress up untill 100% and then errored out.

            I can see in Activity Monitor that the update packages ARE being downloaded, I even tested downloading them manually from the server and this works like a charm.

            Does anyone have any idea why the updater is erroring out on the download?

            This is weird!



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              Hello there again,


              As promised the solution to this quite anoying problem .


              So let me explain my setup very quickly:


              - 1 In-House Adobe CS5 Update Server (which syncs with the online adobe servers)

              - Several Mac clients which are on the internal network, like the server, and which can connect to the internet using an authenticated proxy


              So the story was:


              - Update server syncs

              - Clients see the updates, but can't download them.




              - The clients needed to authenticate to the proxy server before starting the update, clearly the Adobe Updater program checks something online before installing an update. I guess this is to avoid malicious users exploiting in-house update servers.


              It took me alot of thinking, researching, trial and error to figure this one out.

              I hope it'll help someone in the future.


              One more remark: I think there is very limited documentation on the AUSST (especially v1, v2 is allready better.)


              To Adobe personel: Maybe you could mention that the clients need internet access to verify the udpates? This can really save days


              Greets to all.