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    Audio video sync issue on large imported file


      I have a large file that I require to chop up into smaller fragments.  After 10 - 15 mins the audio video sync is off, by the end up to five seconds or so.  Using the slip tool on the chopped chunks is tedious and a whole lot of frustrating work getting the sync correct again.  I have applied the update to Premiere Pro, and about ready to give up on using Premiere Pro on this job.  More basic video editing programs (in the past) coped with the large files, I was surprised that PP is having so much trouble keeping the sync.  The large files play perfectly in other media players.


      The files are .dvrms and .wtv files recorded by Media Center that I have converted them into .mpg to import them.  Like I said, the converted files play perfect any else but Premiere Pro.


      I read in another thread that I might be required to install a codec to my system to (perhaps) help with this problem but how do I find out which codec I require?


      I am running a 64 bit Windows 7 machine, 8 gig ram, quad core Q6700 2.66Hz - PP CS5