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    Strange things started happening on my pages :0(

    ChanceDogUSA Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      In the middle of building a photography site with Catalyst CS5. Running windows 7.


      Almost got the project finished yesterday when strange things began to happen. After spending all day yesterday on the photo slide show pages I hit the “Run Project” tab to test the pages. On the scroll bars my thumbs were missing! Went back to the project and they were there and in tack. Tried again, missing.


      So…on 1 (not all 3 but 1) of the pages I removed the scroll bar and slide show. Reloaded a new scroll bar, new slide show (again) and hit Run Project. Bullseye….this page works again. Checked out the other two pages that were having issues and the WHOLE PAGES were blank!!! Nothing there period! Went back to the project and checked and everything seems to be in place on all 3 pages. I hit Run Project again and now ALL 3 pages are blank including the one I just added a new scroll bar and slide show to that 2 mins before was working!


      Very frustrating. Is there a cure for this OR is it possible the project file some how has a gotten corrupt?


      Thanks in advance


      A Very frustrated ChanceDogUSA