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    MediaElement size doesn't fit container when seeking ParallelElement




      I've a problem in my OSMF based player. I'm using  a xml config file to create a composite media element. The xml looks  like this:


      <media layout="serial">
              <media layout="parallel">
                  <media layout="serial">
                      <source duration="17">http://www.pszajna.ires.pl/player/files/playlist/poster_frame.jpg</source>
                       <source  duration="16">http://www.pszajna.ires.pl/player/files/playlist/thumbnails/thumb_0.jpg</source>
              <source duration="10">http://www.pszajna.ires.pl/player/files/player/textDisplay.swf</source>


      and the working player can be found here: http://www.pszajna.ires.pl/player/.


      The  playback works fine but the problem occures when seeking parallel  element. Media element size doesn't always fit the media container (they  are displayed in their original size). What may I be doing wrong? Or  perhaps this is a bug?