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    How to play flash pro MainTimeLine from flex


      I've created a simple test animation in flash professional and published a swc.  I then put the swc in the build

      path in a flash builder project.  I can see the swc, and I can instantiate the classes w/ no problems.  but how do I play the main timeline?



      In flex builder this is my only class:


      class MyMain extends Sprite {

        function MyMain() {

          var x : MainTimeline = new MainTimeLine();

          trace(x.myTestFunction());  // prints what I want - successful connection made.


          x.play();  // nothing happens




      This doesn't work.  Any ideas how this is done?  Ultimately, I would have much more complex logic that would launch this time line programmatically.  I guess In a away it could be seen as a cut scene, or I would like to use an animatation in conjunction with programmatic control of the screen.  (Not sure if what I'm asking is possible)