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    File Preview


      Dear Adobe,


      Why did you remove the Preview feature from the Open pane??? It's a must have featureo for any radio producer. I'm working with radio jingles and I use tons of FX, breakers, bumpers, impacts, etc for this job. I have at least 10k production elements. What did you think when you removed this feature? How can I find the good sound effects if I can't listen them in the Open Pane? Sorry, Adobe. But this is a deal-breaker decission, I won't update my Audition 3. Sorry.

      I want back the Preview feature!!


      Damn, I'm angry.

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          _colin_ Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure if you've seen the post form Durin in the General forum, but this is feature is on our roadmap and is very high on the priority list as it is simply something which we were unable to get done in time. While this is hard to explain correctly, we did not "remove it" so much as we have gotten there yet. For what it's worth, you are able to run both AU3 and AUCS5.5 side by side if you wish (the installers do not confict).



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            Attila1234 Level 1

            Dear Colin,


            Thanks for the fast answer. I feel much better now. I hope you can put this feature back in a patch, and we don't have to wait for the CS6. It would be a major letdown. I installed the trial version of the Audition CS5.5. I like the new UI (but where's the old icon bar, c'mon..) and the new effects, history pane, etc. but atm the Audition CS5.5 is a toy, not a tool. Sorry, I don't want to be harsh, but this is the truth. :/