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    Adobe CS3 - last call?


      I bought Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium (Windows,English, professional version, full price) several years ago and was very happy with it.  I've owned used Photoshop since version 4 and now I can' really live without it.  After one of the autoupdates I started getting the 'Licensing has stopped working for this product' error.  I googled the error, ran through every recommended solution on Adobe's page about the error without success, and tried calling tech support.


      Currently I have absolutely no Adobe software on my computer- I tried uninstalling everything and running my installer again, and tried redownloading the installer.  The original installer only successfully installs the shared components- everything else displays with a red x and a message that the component failed to install with no links to more information or indications what the problem is.  The re-downloaded installer shows the progress window 'Initializing Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium' fill and then disappear, then nothing happens.


      Tech support was polite and made the above suggestion, but made it clear that phone support has been discontinued for CS3.  I use photoshop for mostly personal projects now and I don't need the rest of the creative suite, I'm starting to feel like I'm being strong-armed into buying an upgrade.


      Is there anything else that I can do to just get the software that I paid for working?


      Thanks for any suggestions.

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          ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hi, did you try running Adobe's Creative Suite Cleaner Tool before reinstalling, to completely wipe your machine?


          Did you try installing it on another computer to see if that worked instead?


          Did you ask Adobe Customer Support to remove all the license activations on their end for your serial number, so you can start over from scratch?


          Just some thoughts/ideas.

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            RSG4B Level 1

            Hi ProDesign,


            Thanks for response and these suggestions. 

            • I don't have another Windows machine handy to try re-downloading and installing, but that's certainly a good debugging step.
            • I'll open a support ticket requesting them to remove license activations
            • I'll watch the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool article for the Windows version- " We are uploading the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool for Windows shortly."


            I'll update this post as soon as there's movement on any of these fronts in case anyone else is stuck on a similar problem.


            Thanks again!

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              RSG4B Level 1

              Downloaded and ran the latest Windows repair tool.  The CS3 installer will now not even run- the progress bar displays to show it's loading, then it disappears without a message.