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    recent selections history

    Emilian Dechev Level 1

      Hi guys. Recently I made a request for "color picker history" function, that was met positively, as it seems I am not the only one who works fast and forgets to save swatches, or for that matter - selections. How many times it happened to make a selection and use it, without saving it. Later on the work it happens that I need that selection, but it is lost. Selections are easily stored as masks, but there are times that it is not the case.

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          MTSTUNER Level 6

          I guess your aware that you can save selections by Select>Save Selection or

          from the bottom of the channels panel: Save selection as channel icon.

          The selections are saved as channels which can be loaded by Select>Load Selection

          or loading the selection thru the channels palette (panel).


          Also if you make a selection and deselect and don't make anymore selections

          on that image, you can go to Select>Reselect and load the last selection.






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            Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

            Yeah, there is a problem with this one: A "selection" in Photoshop, is actually 8 or 16 bit channel. Potentially a very large thing to have hanging around in scratch . So to have a "recent selections" list would affect efficiency in the same way as adding alpha channels to a file does. To have a list of lets say, five recent selections, would immediately negatively impact efficiency on large files.