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    Ease into position and scale not working.


      Basically, I have a video clip.

      I want it to start off filling the screen, and then have it 'zoom' out and move to the left.

      I, however, want this to happen over a period of about 1.5 seconds to make it look nice.


      I've tried using keyframes under the Position and Scale on the Motion effect control panel, but it never works.


      Basically, I set a keyframe at the beginning of the clip to the full screen position & scale, then I set a keyframe at where I want it to start zooming, keeping it the same. Then, after about 1.5 seconds, I set a keyframe to the settings I want it to be at, then at the very end I set another keyframe, keeping the settings the same.


      But after I render everything, the clip doesnt fill the screen at all, it just starts directly with the clip at the left.


      I dont get it.

      Anybody know whats going on?