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    PE7 Not importing entire 22 min clip


      I'm running Premiere Elements 7 on a Windows XP machine. When I try to import a clip from a DVD, it only shows 1:42 from a 22 minute video.


      I do not have a video capture card, so my this is how I went about importing this video, which was recorded on a Sony 8mm video camcorder.


      First, I connected the camcorder to my Toshiba DVD recorder and burned a DVD. I did remember to finalize the DVD.


      Then, on my PC, I put the DVD into my DVD burner.


      In PE7, I select <file> --> <Get Media from> --> DVD(Camcorder of PC DVD drive). In the resulting menu, I select my DVD drive. It shows VTS_01_1.VOB, 764MB.


      When I finish and click "Get Media", it runs for a little while, finishes and shows it in the availble clips. If I double click to preview it, it runs for 1:42 and stops.


      When I locate the file that it created on disk, and open it with a media player, such as Nero, it has the entire 22 minutes and plays just fine.


      Is there some PE7 setting to limit the imported clip length, that I am missing?


      Any suggestions? I have done this before and it worked.


      Paul Noble

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          nealeh Level 5

          Generally burning to a DVD before import to PRE is a bad idea. The recorder will compress the source video to MPEG first. You will then bring this compressed clip into PRE that, eventually, will compress the clip again.


          Does your DVD player have any other options for conversion?


          As regards the .VOB problem I imagine that you may have an VTS_01_2.VOB on the disk as well. This article from the Tips & Tricks explains .VOB and methods for getting your VOB files into PRE. DVD - VOB Files - The Lowdown


          You can find information about tools to convert here: What tools can I use to convert my video to DV-AVI?


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            noblepa Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.


            I don't think that there's another VOB file on the disk. I'm not at home right now, so I can't check.


            The odd thing is that the single VOB file that PRE imported contains all 22 mins. When I play it with an external media player, such as Nero or Windows Media Player, it plays the entire 22 mins. just fine.


            I'll go home and see if my DVD recorder has the option to record in DV-AVI. I really don't have a choice about burning to DVD. I have no video capture card in my PC and my camcorder is a 12-year old Sony 8mm with no USB connection.


            Thanks again,


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I think what Neale was implying is that the issue that's probably causing you problems is that you're capturing your video with your computer's capture card.


              Although you can use the tools Neale linked you to convert your video to DV-AVIs, you'll be much better off using a DV bridge to capture your video. DV bridges capture video as DV-AVIs, the ideal format for PC-based video editing, so no conversion is necessary and you can get right to editing.



              BTW, how much free, clean, freshly defragmented space is on your computer's hard drive?


              You'll need at least 30-50 to work with video on this drive -- but much more if you use DVD video as your source video because the program will need to transcode it to DV-AVI before it can work with it.


              If your video is going to a second or external drive, ensure that that drive is formatted as NTFS, not FAT32 as they come from the factory. FAT32 drives have a file size limit that can often choke video editing and can keep you from working with files as long as 22 minutes.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I agree with Neale and Steve. If one has 100% DVD-compliant (very, very important) VOB's, then things should work well. The article, that Neale linked to, goes into a lot more detail, and points out some possible issues.


                Steve then covers some other potential trouble spots, and any can cause problems.


                Good luck,



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                  I have the exact same problem with a 16 minute clip being treated as one only 1:42 long.  Another clip from the same import batch is 5:55 but treated as 1:46.


                  I have:

                  Windows 7 64bit

                  PRE 8

                  Intel core i5

                  Nvidia GTX470

                  8gb RAM

                  terrabyte drive


                  Video imported from a mini-DV camcorder using a firewire cable with default program settings (Auto Analyzer on).  Auto analyzer ran a process on each clip that took over 4 hours (total footage is around 1 hour long).  Is it the problem?  Should I reimport?  What settings (other than default) do I need to change?


                  Also on a side note, it took 3 attempts to import, the first two attempts ended in a program crash, in which I applied an update and that seemed to do the trick on that.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    As your situation is very different from the original poster's (He was working with DVD footage, you're working with miniDV footage) I'd very much recommend you start your own thread so that we can begin a new discussion, Derek. In fact, you're not even using the same version of the program, so your issue definitely belongs in a new topic.


                    Meantime, DO NOT RUN THE AUTO-ANALYZER during capture. In fact, either set your miniDV capture up to break only on timecode or set it up to not break at all on capture. The auto-analyzer was so disruptive when used with miniDV capture that it was eliminated in version 9.