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    Looking for a small tablet to play SWF video file offline

    Ray Bender

      I created a flash video with interactive menus using Encore.  The .swf file played fine from my laptop computer.  I copied the .swf file and its associated files to a micro SD card and tried to play it from a Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 inch tablet, Wifi only version) but it would not play.  I searched the web and it appears that the Galaxy Tab will play flash videos off the web, but will not play them off-line (that is, stored on the device locally).  I want to preserve the interactive menus.


      My goal is to be able to play videos with menus, off a small 7" tablet with a bright and contrasty display.  Overall, I liked to Samsung Galaxy Tab, but I returned it when I could not figure out how to play .swf videos stored on its local memory.


      Does anyone know if there are currently 7" size tablets that will serve my needs?