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    sharing data with a TitleWindow

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      I have a custom component popup TitleWindow with an accompanying class file. I'm having trouble sharing certain data between the main app and the popup. I've been successful to a certain point but I'm stuck on this one point: I am trying to access data based on a list.selectedItem.data selection.


      In the main app I load a list box. When I doubleclick on the item in the list box, a popup appears. When the popup opens I intend to use another sqlStatement to populate the popup.listbox with data based on a variable from the main app list.selectedItem.data.


      My problem is how to transfer the main app  list.selectedItem.data, load it into a variable that is used by the popup in a new sqlStatement and run a new query for use by the popup. I keep getting null errors.


      I've tried loading the listbox.selectedItem.data into a text input in the popup, but that doesn't work because, I assume, it isn't available to the sqlStatement yet. And I can't seem to get it to work by defining a String variable at the creationComplete event of the popup window.


      Thanks for your help



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          snkd Level 1

          I am sorry I can't understand your problem totally(specially sqlStatement).Sometimes this will help you.

          what i understand is you need to bind the selectedItem.property--in to component public bindable variable.


          Main App code




          DriverDetails component code


                      public var acCustomerDrivers:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection();//pass data main app to component
                      public var acMalkeyDrivers:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection();
                      public var acClientListAll:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
                      public var selectedItem:*=new Object();//pass data component to main app


          If you like the dispatch events this article wil help you..


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            Kristin95762 Level 1

            Hey snkd:


            Thanks loads for your input.


            And thanks for the link. I will have a look at that tomorrow.


            I'm creating an AIR sqlite db app, thus the sqlStatement. I'm using results from a listbox selection in the main app in order to run a second query to populate another listbox in the popup window.


            Regards, Kristin