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    Can PE9 burn Blu-ray files to DVD?


      I do not have a Blu-ray burner and do not anticipate getting one for a year or two.  I was not able to burn or copy Blu-ray files in PE7 and ask if it can be done in PE9.  I did download the trial version of Sony Vegas HD Movie Studio Suite and was able to burn the Blu-ray files to the hard drive and to a DVD; that DVD played brilliantly on both Samsung and LG Blu-ray players.  I have a lot invested in Premier over the years and would prefer to upgrade.


      The machine is 2.67ghz dual core, 4gb of RAM and a 500gb RAID 0 hard drive with more than 175gb free.

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          Ted Smith Level 3

          Lots of other posts on this subject in this forum

          Yes it can - but

          My first attempt played on other players except my new Pioneer player. (Full HD)

          The video on the disk was perfect on my computer.


          I copied the file produced on the Blue Ray disk and used a simple authoring program (PowerProducer that cam with my burner) to burn another disk.


          This plays perfectly in everything.


          The only thing I can think of is that my LG player can write at 8x but I only had 4x blank disks (they are much cheaper). PE9 does not have any speed setting so perhaps the "grooves" werent burnt deep enough??


          or the name of the main folder on a PE9 burnt disk is different - maybe my player did not like it??


          I have a similar computer setup to you except you definately need at least 2 hard drives. The video on one and the project on a second one.

          You need a good fast video card for HD smooth preview, not just the one on the motherboard.

          Also look at recent posts on memory settings for resources.


          I split my raid up to 2 seperate disks and installed a third large disk for video capture files

          OS & PE9 on C

          Video on E

          Project and adove cache files on F


          LG computer burner is available for around $100

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            At this time, there is no feature in Premiere Elements for burning BluRay video to a DVD disc. Sorry.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You might find some useful tips in this THREAD, and also this THREAD.


              Good luck,



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