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    SOAP webserive problem in MXML

    Megha31 Level 1


      i am implementing SOAP webservie using MXML but it gives me error and i couln't find the solution for that

      i send following request in MXML using SOAP so anyone have any idea about that please help me



      SOAPFault (Server): Server was unable to process request. ---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


      i set the request parameter as below

                  wsdl="my wsdl URL "
                  <s:smileysurprised:peration name="SignIn"  >
                          <name>'megha sanghvi '</name>
                          <collage>'absc collage'</collage>


      now i call this by below line of code



      <s:Button label ="Submit" x="425" y="400" height="60" width="180" click="sampleService.SignIn.send()"/>   


      and it give above error.


      if i change the click ="sampleService.SignIn" then i get the blank screen no error no message


      so please anyone have knoweldge of MXML webservice can help me to do how to call the webservice