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    Load Files from the Cloud into a PSD


      Hi, i wanna load some png-Files in my AS3-Flex-Photoshop-Extension. The Flex-Part is no problem, but how can i load/place that files into a valid PSD. Of course i can put all my files into a temp-Folder an delete it after doing that step, but is there some better way?


      Greets Boris

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          DBarranca Level 4

          Hi Boris,

          I can be wrong, but as far as I know the only way is to save to temp and load in PS.

          I've read the documentation in the new Touch SDK, and it seems they will allow direct document transmission (from PS to the touch device and back). I don't really know whether the AIR api coping with this data transmission could be merged or not into a standard extension - it would be fantastic if a Flex/AIR app could refer to the open document as a bitmap object.