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    Poor video quality when embedded to swf


      Hi everyone.

      I'm building a flash website where I'll show my tv commercial works. In  the flash project I placed a FLVPlayback component that will play  different flv videos. Those videos look very good and crispy when played  in quicktime player. But when I export the swf from flash and play it  the videos look bad with a lot of compression artifacts and pixelation.  This is driving me crazy. Can somebody help me, please?

      To show you what I exactly mean you can go to my website ( http://www.blaigraell.com ) and click the 8th video in the scroll panel. Compare it's quality with the link to which refers the FLVPlayback: http://www.blaigraell.com/Findus.f4v

      Thanks in advance.




      Using flash CS5 and AS3.