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    Premiere elements8 problems cannot use anymore


      Hi would love some help and advice if possible


      Have had nothing but trouble with  Premiere 8 Elements and have been unable to finish any projects so far. I have had it working but it crashed every few minutes. Updated as many things and reinstalled elements several times. It seemed to be working fine for a while and I even managed to download an hours footage and burn it to a dvd. I then added some key frames for titles and left it to burn another disc.

      It crashed during this and after the computer restarted I even had trouble ejecting the disc.


      Now I cannot use it at all . It allows me to open a project and it does everything as it should while loading, sometimes you even get a climpse at the time line but then it mimimizes to the tool bar and you can do nothing with it at all.


      I have tried changing the settings on the welcome box to open behind screen etc but none make any difference..I have reloaded premiere but it still will not work

      I am running a quad core Intel (64bit) with 4gigs ram and Nvidia GT220 graphics card.


      Thanks John