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    Script for downloading files from pdf placed on web, script for printing for exchange…


      Looking for java script command to set on button in pdf. We have mp3 and pdfs on our web site, example of URL: http://www.uzlicek.cz/download/Pohadky/O_holcicce_ktera_si_prala_byt_dospela.mp3

      By clicking on button/link in reader I would like to appear a dialog box with offer to Safe file as

      Any suggestion? In case of using “link tool” the file starts downloading to cache and this is not the objective. In case of using “sound tool”, the file does not appear for saving.


      For exchange the script for Print the current page:


         var n = this.pageNum;


          var pp = this.getPrintParams();

          //pp.pageSubset = pp.subsets.all;

          //pp.printContent = pp.constants.printContent.doc;

          pp.firstPage = n;

          pp.lastPage = n;




      Cheers Martin