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    Vst and audio functionality in general (in premiere cs 3,4,5 is poor)...


      I found a few threads about vst support, but there were so little information about this, that i could not form any opinion of my own about this problem.I found out that almost none of the external plugins work with premiere cs 5 (even the 64 bit).I tried many free plugins including the Voxengo plugins which are proposed on the adobe web site with no luck.


      Furthermore, i cannot understand why applying effect on a track is wieved less important than applying effect on a particular clip.For example, i want to make a simple ducking effect with voice and music material, of course with the video playing simultaniously ...(now this is really usefull when working on documentaries and you have alot of narrative parts(music plays, narrator speaks) and the only choice i am left with..is automating the volume by hand (completely impractical and loosing consistency).


      Another question is...how can i import and save my custom presets for the dynamic compressor put on the audio track mixer, not the audio clip effect.Do i have to set these values by hand on all 20 pc's, using premiere at our company...strange


      i am browsing the net for few days now, and cant find any good answers to this.If this is professional program they should consider the functionality of both parts...audio and video.


      excuse me for my poor english