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    Flash CS3 crashing after 20-30 minutes


      I've used Flash CS3 Web Premium for over two years without a problem.  Suddenly three weeks ago, it started crashing.  Through trial and error, I learned that it would run about 20-30 minutes before crashing.  It does not matter if I am working in  Flash, or if the program is just loaded and even minimized.  It always crashes after a few minutes.


      By crash, I mean the following.

      1)My computer locks up

      2)Elements on the flash screen may change colors, some being whited out completely.

      3)It may stay locked up, or it sometimes throws the following  error.  "Unknown software exception 0xe06d7363 occurred in application 0x7c812a6b".

      4)Flash then either ends or I must use Task Manager to force it to exit.


      Here is where it gets really bizarre.

      After the crash, none of my Adobe products will run.  They all say that the product (Fireworks, Photoshop, etc.) is not a valid .exe.


      Once I restart my computer, everything returns to normal. And I can use Flash again....for 20 to 30 minutes.


      I first tried repairing Flash which made no difference.

      I then uninstalled and reinstalled the entire CS3 suite.  The problem still exists.


      I'm thinking it is something bad in the Registry, is there a tool for completely removing all traces of CS3 from the Registry?

      I am looking for any and all advice.


      My Environment:

      Windows XP sp3

      2gig. Memory

      Itel Pentium 1.86gz processor


      Thank you in advance.