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    Extension fails on loading

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



      I am working on a project with FB4/EB sdk. Eveything was fine and then suddenly the extension doesn't load anylonger within indesign. I moved back to a state I know was working and even now I commented out everything (script and mxml syntax) in my code to the exception of a dummy label within the app.

      And the extension keeps on failing loading. I get a gray background and that's all.

      I haven't any compiling error, it's a total mistery. It looks like any swc libraries are considered as wrong. For info, I am often switching from pc to mac and vice versa so I update my swcs everytime but until now it has never been an issue.


      Do I have to start a new project from scratch and copy paste existing code ?


      Thanks a lot for your help,




      PS: Thanks to Gabriel, I get EB but this project was initiated with FB so I wanted to achieve it in this environment.