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    pdb font problem on windows xp


      Hello! I am new here. I have hindi pfb (and pfm) font. There are hundres of files typed using this font in page maker 5 on windows 98 operating system. Now the windows 98 is upgraded to windows xp. The fonts are again installed using atm. Using these fonts, I can easily type in microft word. I have also installed both pagemaker 5 and page maker 7. The problem is that  in none of these page maker versions I am able to type in that pfb (and pfm) font. I am ready to upgrade to adobe indesign, but the real trouble is about those hundreds of files typed in that font. These files get open but they show unnecessary gaps for zero width charcters such as "aa ki matra, oo ki matra etc.".  I think thank problem is with windows xp because those fonts got properly displayed in windows 98. On another machine having windows 98, the files get proper displayed in page maker 5. I will be really thankful for the help that I may get.