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    Adobe Reader/Professional X - Can't check in PDF to SharePoint


      We are using SharePoint 2007, and I have followed the document

      listed below to configure Adobe Reader to check in/out documents.




      On at least 2 PDF, we get the following error when we try and check in the document.

      5-9-2011 11-54-59 AM.png


      If you go to Prepare Document Properties:


      5-9-2011 12-31-31 PM.png

      If you look at the 2 date fields, they show the correct date.


      5-9-2011 12-33-57 PM.png


      But if you double click on them the date is not correct.


      5-9-2011 12-36-35 PM.png


      I have to edit these fields every time I check out a document before I can check it back in.