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    CS5.5: Locked Mask bug is still there

    TheFosterHouse Level 1

      Using the Select All command on masks, selects all masks, not all unlocked masks. Here's how to replicate it:

      1. On one layer, create 3 masks
      2. Create a keyframe on all of the masks' paths
      3. Move down the time line a little bit.
      4. Lock Mask 1
      5. Select Mask 2
      6. Use the select All command to select Mask 3 ('Select All' may have to be used twice: If you selected Mask 2 in the Comp window, then you'll use it once to select all the vertices of Mask 2 and another time to select Mask 3)
      7. Move Mask 2 or 3

      Result: Mask 1 will also move and create a keyframe on it's mask path even though it's locked.


      You don't need to make keyframes or more than 2 masks to display the bug, but it helps show the full brunt of the problem. The fact that not only can a locked mask be moved, but that keyframes for that mask can be created or overwritten, makes Rotoscoping a potential nightmare (on top of the nightmare that is already is.) I discovered this bug about 2 weeks after the launch of CS4 and I've filled out numerous bug reports and feature requests over the past 2 and a half years. I'm very displeased that it wasn't fixed in CS5 or CS5.5. I've replicated it on every Mac and PC that I've tested and I haven't found one yet that didn't do it. CS5.5 (trial) has only been tested on the Mac so far. If anyone else can test and confirm, it would be greatly appreciated.