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    How to remove "Show" link?

      Some time ago I ran across instructions for removing the "Show" or "Show help" link that Robohelp adds to the top of a generated help page, so that you can open the TOC if it's not open. (Gosh, I can't remember the exact name of that link, because I had changed the wording earlier.)

      I'm on to another project and cannot locate the instructions for removing this link. Can someone please post the instructions for this? Thanks very much.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi stl-writer. This sounds like you are talking about webhelp output. It also sounds like you are opening the incorrect file in your output as if you open the correct file, the "show help" link is not displayed. You need to open the file that is called projectname.htm from the generated output.
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            Ben Minson
            How you hide the link depends on the output you're using. I use FlashHelp, for which on the second page of the output generation dialog there is a checkbox for "Show Navigation Pane Link in Topics" that you would leave unchecked to hide the link. For WebHelp, I see the third page of the generation dialog with Show/Hide options. I'm guessing if you clear the "Show/Hide Navigation Pane" checkbox in the "In-Topic Navigation Bar Element" box, that would get rid of the "Show" link.