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    Method to show a movie clip is playing?

      Hi all,
      I have a rather convoluted problem. The short of it is that I'd like to be able to know whether a movie clip is playing or has hit a stop action.

      To explain:
      * I have a pause button
      * The pause button is in an interface file, and is used not only to pause the main timeline, but to pause other things like child clips below.
      * When I hit 'pause' the child clip will pause, and so will the main timeline - however when I again hit 'play' I want to the child clip to resume playing, AND the main timeline to continue playing - but ONLY if the main timeline was not already at a 'stop' action. If the main timeline WAS at a stop action, then when I play the main timeline SHOULD NOT PROCEED - however it currently jumps to the next frame and continues - when I don't want it it do this. I want the child clip to finish, and then set off an event in order for the main timeline to continue.

      So - does anyone know a way to choose a movie clip (in this case the main timeline), and see if it is at a stop action, or is playing - so I can flag this when I hit 'pause' - SO the main timeline does not proceed to play when I again hit 'the play' button?

      A bit convoluted as I said, but thought this might cause a few questions without more detail....