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    Livecycle form has 2 parts, each part goes to different locations....how?


      I have created a form in Adobe Livecycle with the first page being PART A and the second being PART B.  This form is intended to be routed through our chain of command (for signatures).  Once signatures are received, PART A goes one direction and PART B goes another.  This worked great when I thought the PDF would be printed; however, they would now like it to be submitting electronically.  The problem I'm facing is that the PDF cannot be divided.  The end users only have Adobe Reader.  I have looked through many forums and realize that "extract pages" is not an option in reader and have even tried a portfolio (doesn't work because there are auto-fill features on the 2nd page that are rendered useless if I pre-split PART A and PART B).  Is there anyway to make one page go to one email address and the second to go to another?  Are there any other options available?


      Thank you for any help!

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          pguerett Level 6

          You woudl have to create two separate email calls (one for Part A and one for Part B). You could remove or hide Part A or B accordingly so that the user could not see it but be aware that it is still there in the form. Depending on how you do this you woudl have to turn off the mandatory fields before you hide the pages. This woudl all be done through script.


          If you are not good with script I woul not suggest attempting this as a fair amount of code will be needed.