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    source path creating a mess

    dsdsdsdsd Level 1



      I have a folder where I keep all of my as3 classes ... I call it "AS3_classes" ...


      inside of it I have:





      but also:

      /components ... which has .fla files in it and jpgs, etc




      because I want access to my classes inside of pkg_shannon, I must add "AS3_classes" as a source path ... nothing unusual ... except eclipse/flashbuilder is taking everything from "AS3_classes" and copying it to my bin-debug folder ( though it is not copying the .as files ).


      from a flash point of view, source_path ( classpath ) is only for compile-time ... not run time;

      but eclipse seems to think that source_path means:

      1 - is for compile time ( the .as classes )

      2 - is for runtime ( all of the other stuff located at "AS3_classes"


      any way to prevent this behavior?