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    Create Multiple Saved PDFs


      Each Month, I need to prepare forms for our payroll guys for each of my 40 team members.


      I have a pdf form which I call Master Form.pdf. I also have data that needs to go in the form in a tab-deliminated text file (I use excel to save data in this file).


      At present, I need to open the Master Form.pdf and select import data option and then individually select one row at a time.


      After selecting the row, I flatten the page and save it as "team member + yymmdd + advance.pdf".


      This is very tedious. Is it possible to write a script which will:
      a.     open my “Master Form.pdf” and “Data.txt”;
      b.     selects each row that has Y entered in first column;
      c.     enters data in the file;
      d.     Flattens the page;
      e.     saves it in a preselected location, in a new directory of todays date yymmdd format with file name as team member + yymmdd + advance.pdf


      Many thanks for your help!!!