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    Two questions for Flex developers

    Adrien. Level 1



      How do I remove the default flex chrome after setting the system chrome to none? this is for a s:WindowedApplication. apparently showFlexChrome="false" doesnt work as its not apart of the spark.componets.WindowedApplication


      2) For loops....Out side the script section...thats right .....


      have something like:


              <s:DropDownList includeIn="CharacterRecord,MainWindow,ManinWindow_Menu,Priest,Pub,Shop"
                              x="168" y="104"


      I need to place a for loop around the fx:string (just one) to populate the collection with a series of items. How ever since this is not HTML and PHP I am wondering how this would get done.


      Because in PHP i would initilize my array list at the top of the page call my for loop around a list, walk it - populate the list and be on with life. How is that done in Flex?