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    Help with FPanoramic

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      I am looking to create a panoramic virtual tour for my dad's real estate listing. I downloaded the file "Fpanoramic" which is pretty close to what I want. I want the ability for the user to drag and explore the panorama, rather than just an auto-play scan of the panorama. I have successfully modified the file to get close to what my end result will be, which can be seen here:



      My questions are:

      1) How can I make the height of the panorama fill the gray frame?

      2) Can I limit the scrolling left/right, so that it will "stop" when it reaches the end of each edge? A lot of my panoramas are not full 360 degrees, rather something like 180 - 270. Instead of "wrapping" and continuously scrolling around, I'd like it to stop at the left/right edges.


      I have limited experience with Actionscript, and am using Flash MX. (I know, it's a dinosaur. lol)


      Thanks for any help!

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          bearcatnat Level 1

          Duh, managed to answer question #1 by changing the fp.loadimage values from 50,50 to 100,100.


          Any help with limiting the scrolling side to side would make this perfect!

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            I've decided to simplify my vision and just make text buttons to navigate from room to room.

            The FPanoramic actionscript using loadimage to load an external .jpg for the panorama image. It then has some intense actionscripting to create a "viewer" and manipulate the panorama image. I tried making a movie clip with the .jpg panorama image and buttons inside it, but as the panorama itself works like a big button, the nested buttons won't work.

            In any case, here is my progress so far: artistnatalieblake.com/flash/fpanoramic/VRtour.swf

            Only the foyer and dining room are there so far. Using a separate scene for each room seems to be working well, with buttons to navigate to the different scenes.

            I still have the issue of what to do with rooms where there is not a full 360 view. I tried feathering out the edges to black, brown, or gray (so that there was a portion of the panorama that was "blank"). It just looked silly and interrupted the flow. Any ideas?

            Another question: I have made my navigation buttons with 2 pieces - a big blank rectangle for hit area and editable text with 3 different colors for different states. When I want to change the button with new text, I have to edit each colored state and change it to the new text. Is there an easier technique that I'm missing?

            Thanks for any input!