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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 & Nvidia Drivers 267.17 & 270.71




      Information for anyone struggling with a PC, PPro CS5.5, Quadro 2000, and nvidia drivers 267.17 or 270.71:


      This past week-end I struggled getting PPro CS5.5 to run right on the system I just built. WIN7 x64, 2 PNY Quadro 2000 video cards, nvidia drivers 267.17 & 270.71 both caused random crashes, and caused seize-ups/Not Responding's during conversion of projects from CS5. WIN 7 x64 always pointed back to an nvidia 64-bit .dll  Bummer! Then when I checked Windows Update, there was a sizable update for nvidia, about 150 MB. Turns out that that update loaded the nvidia driver 267.79 (, and guess what? ALL IS OK FOR NOW! Yay!


      I saw in an earlier discussion that nvidia is working on a 270.73 that will address these crashes, I'll keep my fingers crossed that all remains well until that release is out.


      Thanks to Adobe and nvidia for addressing this!