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    How do I create a glossary in Flash Catalyst CS5


      I can't seem to locate where I could implement such a SWF in catalyst.


      I've been intrigued by all the demos showing datalists when linked to display flash video's and images. I however cant find a quick demo on how to do it with basic text.


      Is there a way to could build a quick glossary SWF that may be inserted into Adobe Captivate 5 or other type of E-learning app.


      A data list of Term and Definition should be quite easy if all that you want to do is is display the terms in the data list and then on select change two text input sources to Definition and Term that were stored in the data list.

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          McHughs Level 1

          Downloaded the Demo of Master Collection CS 5.5 which now has round tripping between Catalyst and Flash Builder. Looks like Catalyst still does not let me set text items based on selections in a datalist. Flash Builder 4.5 from CS 5.5 suite, however allows me to edit the project and make the change to the code to allow the datalist to change text.


          In the sequence I can edit the Richtext UIComponent to:


          s:SetAction property="text" value="{list1.selectedItem}"

          However now I've tried to insert the compiled project into Captivate 5. No go. The Final SWF generated from Captivate goes wonky when I insert the SWF Animation from Flex Builder (even if I use Animation Slide). I copied all the files from the Generated Flex Builder App and externalized all Animations in
          Captivate to see if that would solve the problem but still no go.
          Maybe I need to create a wrapper for Flex Builder SWF's ......