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    GWT meets  Flex:  Java API  for Flex


      Hello people,

      I m  somedays away to release the  version 2.1 of gwt4air. gwt4air is an open source project  based on  gwt (http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/)  and provides a Java API to different platform where Java is not the primary language.


      Version 2.0 added among other features  support for Adobe AIR, Alive PDF, Pure PDF, Aswing and other GWT based  UI libraries like  EXT-GWT


      With version 2.1  i added support for Flex(AIR and Browser). The goal of this approach is to make it easy for Java Developers to switch  to Flex be leveraging  a swing like API. But also to  present an alternative to the classical Flex developement. The overall idea behind this is described here:



      A demo application ca be found here: http://gwt4air.appspot.com/

      The application contains around 100 demos with source code illustrating the use of the api.

      I ve tried to keep the API similar to the AS3 api  so one could easely  switch from AS3 to Java and vice versa


      Note that this  flex applicaton is entirely written in Java using gwt4air. No AS3 no MXML.

      The application is still in alpha stage so please expect some errors.


      The project home is located at:



      I m looking forward to hear what you think about this idea. Any inputs (good or bad)  is really welcome

      Help me make this an even better tool.


      It s about time that  Flex rocks the GWT world