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    dynamic link and colour correction workflow?




      im having issues trying to sort out a sensible workflow... i am using a mac and the CS5 master collection


      i have cut a project in PP with clips from a canon DSLR (h.264) and used dynamic link to AE to add slow motion and motion tracking titles. I then used to the project manager tools (thanks to Colin Brougham for the tip) to copy just the required clips to a new destination and transcoded the files to an Avid uncompressed codec to colour correct.


      i've tried to import or copy the project into AE in various ways but it doesn't work properly. the dynamically linked files get corrupted and appear as placeholders and some of the normal clips import as compositions and also appear as palceholders...


      is there a simple method of doing this that im a missing. i want to preseve all the edits and transitions (nothing fancy) in AE so that when i apply colour correction it does not screw these up. I'm planning to use magic bullet mojo and some other tools for this project but want to get this workflow sorted for the future.


      any help would be much appreciated, im completely baffled as to how to achieve this.