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    slicing background image


      Hi - I'm running Fireworks CS5 on a Mac and want to slice a background image so that it repeats (oh, and not "reapeats") x AND y in the middle of the image so the background expands with the browser and device size. My problem is that the image is a jpg of a color wash that is not symetrical. I'm hoping a one-pixel slice vertically and horizonally with repeat-x and repeat-y will do the trick, but to date, I can't figure out how to do this - any help? I can place the slices, but 1. how should I export them? and 2. how do I incorporate them in Dreamweaver CS5?


      Oh, and when will Adobe fix the typo on the repeating option in the properties panel? Your options are "no-repeat", "repeat", "REAPEAT-X", and "repeat-y".


      My question about that is this: will it work correctly if it's misspelled?




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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          If you can get the correct image that will look god when repeated then I can tell you how to use in Dreamweaver.


          Export as an image, probably jpg unless it's vector then use gif.


          In Dw open your design or create it

          To add the background image to the entire page select the "body" tag in the tag selector (bottom of document)


          Open CSS styles panel

          click + to add a style

          In drop down menu at the bottom select "New style sheet" and name it. Or select one you are using. You can of course use "This document only"

          In the top drop down select "tag"

          Body should be in the selector field

          click OK


          Under Category select Background

          Then browse to your image

          Background-repeat select "repeat"

          click OK


          Be sure to upload your new style sheet