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    How can you "grade" responses?


      I'd like to use the software to support a testing tool, and want to use the online "view responses" formulas to grade responses to single- or multiple-choice questions. I'd like to generate a row shoing what percentage of those who answered a question answered it correctly. Would I be using "count" or "counta"? Answers on the form, of course, are in text.

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          Shannon Hickey Adobe Employee

          One of the ways you can get more use out of choice columns is by assigning numerical values to choices. Consider the following question:


          Picture 3.png


          To assign numerical values, switch to the response view, select the Question, and switch to the type bar. Select "Choices" and "Edit Choice List":


          Picture 4.png


          Check the "Assign data values to choices". To support what you wanted to do, I gave the right answer 1 and the wrong answers 0:


          Picture 5.png


          Now you can perform calculations, and the data values that you specified are used in the formulas. You wanted percentage answered correctly. So try adding a summary row with formula:


          Picture 6.png


          And to finalize it, switch the type of this cell to percentage:


          Picture 7.png


          And there you go! :-)


          As you can imagine, you can extend this concept to do things like scoring entire tests. For example, say you have 10 choice questions. You give the right answer for each question 1 and the wrong answer 0. Now add an additional column that sums the question columns and you get your score out of 10 for each submission.


          You also mentioned multiple-choice questions and grading. Doing that might be a little different. Can you give me an example and I'll think about how you might go about grading it?




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            phillysailor Level 1

            THANKS, SHANNON 


            Your answer is elegant, and I understand it. Nice, clear description, and I appreciated the screen shots.


            It works if I want to test how the group answered each question.


            But, I'd also like to grade each individual's test; in other words, how do I add a "summary column?" Is there a way to automate such a column (or quickly replicate such a formula for each row) so that it calculates the test score of each new submission?


            The formula may require ignoring some cells, because some of the data entry by each person is for name, dates and other such "non-graded" responses.



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              phillysailor Level 1

              Ok, I figured it out


              I just typed into the first available cell in the row beyond the first respondent's answers"=SUM(b1,c1,d1)/3" and instantly got my answer repeated down the whole column.


              Slick. Like it knew what I wanted.

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                Shannon Hickey Adobe Employee

                Hi Phil,


                You're very welcome! That's how I'd go about grading individual responses also. One trick that might be helpful if you have a lot of questions (and they're sequential) is to use a range in your SUM expression. For example:


                Picture 3.png


                Then you don't have to explicitly mention each column in the expression.


                All the best!