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    Dynamic forms using dynamic column names

    kodemonki Level 1
      I have a table with columns such as level_1, level_2, etc. until level_11 and I have another table with level_id and description, i.e. for level with id = 1 the description could be 'Crawl.' Id 2 could be 'Walk' etc.

      I'm trying to make a checklist so people can mark when they've done things on the checklist, and then upload those values to the appropriate tables to store the information so it's all still there when they go back to check off a new skill.
      I can't figure out how to make the column names in the form dynamic.

      I've played around with the formatting and still can't quite get it. I've tried evaluate(queryname.level_#level_id#), queryname.label, a bunch of other ones, and I can't seem to get it to work.

      Thanks for the help!