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    Timing Flash animations in Adobe Presenter


      Hey everyone.


      I've got a rather exotic problem:



      I'd like to make a video with the Adobe Presenter in which an animation (made in Flash) is running while I am talking. Since there are multiple animation steps with pauses in between, I need to find a way to time the animation steps. I know I can do this in Flash by prolonging the pauses in between the steps, but that strikes me as rather complicated (because I have to know my exact speech timing when composing the Flash file).


      Do you know another way to pause and continue the animation while recording my talk?


      My idea was the following:

      Put a button into the lower corner of the flash file which needs to be clicked to continue with the animation after each animation step. The problem is: While recording with the Presenter, I cannot click the button.



      Any ideas??



      I'd appreciate any help I can get

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          robva65 Level 2

          Question: why not just include your audio track directly within your Flash anim?  This way, you can sych your visual elements to the narrative right in Flash without having to guess where or when something should happen when playing back in Presenter.


          Just remember, however, that all SWF files need to be set to 30fps so that they'll play correctly in your Presenter content.





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            Dinindaerrtu Level 1

            Yes, that would be a bit easier, but not much. I would still have to adjust the timing manually by constantly changing the time line in accordance to my speech. Since the timing might change each time, I would spend hours trying to find the perfect timing (and I have a LOT of animations...).


            I could record my voice FIRST and then time the Flash animation accordingly, but I am somehow eager to find a.. let's say... more elegant way since it would save me a great amount of time in the long run...


            By the way: Thank you for your remark on the 30fps necessity - I actually  didn't know that.