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    Webservice Call using SOAP in MXML



      i am new to flash builder devlopement.in my application i have to use SOAP response which is come from server which is remotly located and it is .net server.

      i want to know how to implement SOAP in MXML ?

      is LiveCycle or BlazeDc server is necessary for to call SOAP Webservice in MXML?

      or i need Cross-domain File on server?


      what is exact way to call SOAP webservice in MXML and possible give example for the same?


      i paste below my code for webservice call

                  wsdl="my wsdl URL">

      <s:operation name="SignIn"  resultFormat="xml"  >
                      <s:request >


      some time it give below error

      SOAPFault (Server): Server was unable to process request. ---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


      please anyone have any idea about this because i am stuck in this form last two days


      thanks & Regars,


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          Hi there,


          If you use the "connect to web service" in the data menu you can enter the URL where the WSDL service is. FB will setup your soap connection for you.In the data/services tab at the bottom of the screen you can right click a data type and let FB generate a form for you. Now you can check in the code how its done.



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            Megha31 Level 1


            as you told i conncet to SOAP webservice using data/service option it return me


            SignInResult.token = mywebservice.SignIn('megha','12',4,'megha');


            this value is  value:AsyncToken is given now how to fatch value from this Token .


            in SOAP UI it give String value after sucessful call to webservice .


            and i fatch value using SignIn.lastResult as String and it gives

            Variable is undefined




            Thanks & Regards