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        landrvr1 Level 2

        Yeah, that was my next question:  Can someone that downloads a folio I create view it on their desktops.  Answer sounds like a 'no' for now.


        Jeesh, this entire thing is really just a fantastically limited platform isn't it??!!  lol.  I mean.....lots of new bells and whistles purely for iPad/tablet use?




        They really should have just called this iPad Publishing Suite, lol.


        Right?  Am I missing something here?  All those amazing and wonderful issues of an interactive subscription based magazine that someone creates is only viewable on a mobile device?




        Though in this case Adobe does clearly state TABLET DEVICES all over the place, so I'll let this one slide.


        Still, doesn't change the point I was making about just calling it the iPad Pub Suite. 

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          Dogwalker1251 Level 1

          Bend_033 said just use Flash and Dreamweaver to create the apps - so, does this mean you could use ID, create your content, spit out html/swf content, import to Dreamweaver and then export to an IOS app?  To quote him "BING BANG BOOM"  Is it really that easy and if so, isn't that a solution for the single apps approach?  Trying to figure all this out myself.

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            David Ben Level 3

            Check out some of the new feature videos on the subject at Adobe TV. (They are CS5 and CS5.5 features)


            The point of bringing it up here was more or less to illustrate that are are many solutions to the "digital publication" solution.  Dreamweaver to ios is meant more for HTML views while Flash to iOS is meant for more interactive content.  If you understand the integration and interaction among the programs and with proper training, it is a very simple step to take your indesign layouts to iOS.


            And as i stated before.. we have done that route.. have some amazing apps but we are willing to pay $500 a month to have a quicker and easier process in our workflow.

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              We are developing a folio file to be used by our sales team to support the launch of our latest product.

              The roadshow is planned for 20th of May.


              We planned to hire a application developer but Adobe convinced us by workshops and the internet to go with the Digital Publishing solution.


              We are now almost finishing the project. We have our folio's, they are posted on Acrobat.com. We have upgraded to the 5.5 to make sure we have the latest tools. Now, at the end of the process, we tried to upload the folio onto our iPad, using the Adobe Content viewer, we see the file (no preview) but when we hit "Donwload" I get an error-message saying that the file is missing.


              If I understand correctly, this is because you are working on a new Adobe Content viewer, which still has to be approved by Apple.

              Does this means that we have NO option to download the files onto our iPads for the time-being?


              When will the problem be solved? My company will not be too happy if I cannot deliver the working file on the iPads soon.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Ask Apple...they're the ones holding it up.



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                  landrvr1 Level 2

                  ..and we come right back to my point. It's awful having to rely on Adobe and Apple as the sole means of distribution.

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                    ChrisInformer Level 1

                    What do I tell my boss? Before the end of May? Or do we have to start looking for alternatives? (Hiring the app-guy afterall?)

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                      landrvr1 Level 2

                      I've no idea when Adobe submitted the new app, but Apple seems to be at around 4 weeks approval time for apps.


                      Of course, when they see Adobe's name they no doubt tack on an additional 2 weeks.  Just because they can.




                      Seriously, broham.  I feel your pain.  At least if you create your own app you can distribute it via the Enterprise method and not go through anyone but your own servers.


                      http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#featuredarticles/FA_Wireless_Enterprise_App_Distri bution/Introduction/Introduction.html



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                        ChrisInformer Level 1

                        Thanks very must, I will have a look at it ASAP!!!


                        Adobe, please keep me posted on the Apple-story.

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                          landrvr1 Level 2



                          I just did some checking on what it would take to build apps in Flash/Flash Builder.  I build Flash sites several times a year, so I'm certainly no newbie to the platform (though as mentioned earlier, I'm still on AS2).  But from what I've seen so far in terms of app creation:


                          It's a phantasmagoric mess of AS3, MXML, CSS, and Java.




                          And in typical Adobe fashion, it's mind-numbingly unclear exactly what tools do what..lol.  How does Flash come into play vs Flash Builder?  How does Flex and Catalyst come into play?  How does Air figure into the mix?


                          God forbid there should just be a simple page somewhere at Adobe.com entitled:


                          So You Wanna Build An App.


                          And then take us through an exceedingly clear and simple set of vids about how to start, and how each of those components can factor in... lol.



                          You wonder why many of us are excited about InDesign for simple app creation?  Even using the canned format?  See above.

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                            David Ben Level 3

                            Obviously your a little behind the times.  Flash Catalyst was the HUGE thing last year.  I never recommended going to flashbuilder route.. its a lot of backend hookup and meant for more "data centric" apps.


                            You also can't scream foul because your knowledge is limited to an understanding of a scripting language from 4.....5 software versions ago.. that's not the software's fault.


                            Its kind of like your trying to build a car.. and you have the parts... some general plans.. the machines and the tools.. but not the knowhow of how they all fit together? You could probably Crawl your way toward a finished product by a "self taught" method.. but your product might not come out looking like you wanted.


                            There are some amazing and cheap courses out there that could get you started on AS3 or even just how to use InDesign efficiently.


                            And if that doesn't sound good to you.. well seek out a solution (like DPS) that gets all the dirty work out of the way and is at a price you like... but trust me Adobe is in no way preventing you from getting your material out there.. your only limited by your knowledge and willingness to learn.  

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                              landrvr1 Level 2

                              You're missing the point.  It's not that I'm incapable or unwilling to learn AS3.


                              It's that building an app in Flash is 10x more involved - knowledge of AS3 or Catalyst or not - than building a simple deliverable using InDesign and the appropriate extensions.  Heck, even if AS3 hadn't been invented and I could use AS2, it would still involve far more steps than what you have with InDesign.


                              For that matter, it's mondo bizarro that Adobe didn't streamline the app building tools in Flash, lol.  Oh my.  Watch any of those AdobeTV videos:  90% coding, 5% actual graphics manipulation/creation, 5% testing.  lol.  There seems to be an ungodly amount of steps and coding in just compiling the thing for mobile compatibility. 


                              But yeah..I gotta bite the bullet and start in on AS3.  But as mentioned earlier, it's not just me.  Have you visited actionscript.org or flashkit lately?  Still just as many AS2 posts as AS3.  At least I'm not alone in my pathetic laziness.


                              Oh..and another reason to bring sideloading back?  Digital resumes that someone can present or deliver.


                              So close.  Yet so far away.

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                                David Ben Level 3

                                more involved or not.. its still a viable solution. We wouldn't be having this conversation if it wasn't the limitations of Apple lol i mean our studio hands out a great little flash resume to our android users no problem.  So your request goes back to an open format that Adobe and Apple will agree to.


                                Btw the people that have been contacting me via message or IM  the new content viewer was approved and is ready for download from Itunes.

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                                  landrvr1 Level 2

                                  The question remains:


                                  Will Adobe extend more options in terms of the DPS pricing?  Looks promising:


                                  By Adobe Digital Publishing Admin - 7:29 PM on April 15, 2011

                                  Hi Bonnie, Thanks for your comment and your interest! We are definitely looking into how best to serve small and independent publisher because we know they make up a large part of InDesign users. We’ll be sure to share any updates here. Thanks.


                                  By Adobe Digital Publishing Admin - 12:03 AM on May 3, 2011   Reply

                                  Hi Jorge- Thanks for this feedback. We’re investigating other pricing options and models for independent publishers right now and will definitely let you know when we have something to announce. Thanks!

                                  By Adobe Digital Publishing Admin - 9:34 PM on May 16, 2011   Reply

                                  Hi John, Thanks for this feedback. We’re investigating alternative, lower cost pricing models and will keep you updated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


                                  That's from the Pro Edition page.

                                  Bend, I wanna hear from you what you think would be a fair rate to charge small and/or independent (single person) publishers.

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                                    David Ben Level 3

                                    Like i said.. i think the acrobat.com integration price is appropriate for smaller groups that just want to have their material viewed from the adobe viewer.. and $500-$600  Per App fee if they want to extend that to their own single folio application... like some of the other solutions are doing.


                                    Adobe discussed with the pre-release two more Pricing models should be appearing in the near future.. I think they said 6-12 weeks.  Neither of which was hinted would satisfy your appetite for a "in house distribution solution". But that could change.

                                    • 95. Re: Publishing just one .folio to a few Ipad
                                      David Ben Level 3

                                      As i discussed with an Adobe Rep yesterday .. Acrobat.com already extends the folio experience outside the DPS dashboard... it would just be nice if the viewer could be accessed by someone other than a registered Adobe.com user.

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                                        landrvr1 Level 2

                                        Yeah, I'm gonna go with the Acrobat.com solution for the time being...then switch to DPS when they get more pricing options going.  No argument here that the DPS distribution method right to an app is the best way to go within the Adobe hosted framework.

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                                          David Ben Level 3

                                          I'm glad that your not giving up on the solution.  I think they were always be people griping about pricing.. i mean if Adobe did do a model like Quark/aquafados... people would quickly realize that after making a few apps.. they are racking up a bill that would have covered Unlimited app creation with a full year licensing of DPS as it is now.   we have already been hearing from people complaining about performance issues with Quack/Aquafados's XML based app creation.. and server performance lags.  Although i believe that solution is aimed more toward a business like yours... (cause you know exactly how many people are going to be interacting with the server) but for the user that intends to make profit (unless they are running a dedicated server environment), are going to experience major App lag and performance issues with anything else they have on that server. So for us at least.. its like ok--- i can spend $500 a month on a basic dedicated server.. or $500  a month on DPS.. with the server space already there... plus all the amazing features!   Thats how my design firm has been thinking about it..

                                          • 98. Re: Publishing just one .folio to a few Ipad
                                            landrvr1 Level 2

                                            Okay.  Just created my first folio with 2 articles using the free Acrobat.com account.  Fairly painless.


                                            But what's this nonsense where you have to use a WEB BASED TOOL TO REORDER THE ARTICLES???


                                            That's awful.  Is that the only way?  I thought in Content Builder all that happened locally?

                                            • 99. Re: Publishing just one .folio to a few Ipad
                                              DarrenFMc Level 1

                                              I have an acrobat.com account and was asked to look into creating an iPad Magazine twice yearly release that could be viewed by users with company iPads, Blackberry's etc as we produce Magazine style Newsletters using Indesign and publish PDF's and also a version  for online viewing.


                                              The company I work for is a $20 Billion company and we have over 140 thousand employees, so money is not an issue, but value is.


                                              When I explained how the folio system worked, all I saw in th room were open mouths.............


                                              " You mean, we create the content in house, we cannot store it on our own servers, and we have to pay someone else for the privilege of viewing our own content?"


                                              So we are sticking to PDF's and SWF Web Content. Easy enough also to convert to HTML5 compliance, create a podcast via iTunes and away we go.



                                              This setup is stupid, and Adobe knows it is stupid. Why else do they deliberately forget to mention these extra requirements when they are advertising these "fantastic" options.


                                              Adobe is known for vague information anyway and heavily relies on third party companies to provide training and support for their products so we should not be surprised about this lack of information about huge outlays.


                                              I'll get more information from Lynda.com soon I'm sure!


                                              Where do you find information about getting the folio file from acrobat.com onto an iPad to view offline when someone is on an aircraft or in an area with limited wireless access ( These areas still exist you know)?

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                                                darasovci25 Level 1

                                                Hi, I help with you


                                                to create a .folio file. You must have:

                                                • Adobe InDesign CS5.5
                                                • An Apple iPad
                                                • An Adobe account


                                                I see a pricing and you can use the standard features:

                                                • Create a unlimited .folio files
                                                • Show interactive files on desktop, iPad and other Android Devices
                                                • Share content


                                                Please answer me, if the answer isn't helpful.


                                                I don't know steps now. If you needed steps I send you.



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